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Genesis 10:5, NLT
Their descendants became the seafaring peoples that spread out to various lands, each identified by its own language, clan, and national identity.

Pray that the Awijila Berbers will find their identity in Christ Jesus.

Awjila Berbers in Libya

by WM

Picture an oasis in the desert. A verdant patch of soil, with swaying palms nourished by wells of precious water. The oasis has not succumbed to the rocky, barren land that surrounds it. Yet every day a little more water dries up and is lost, as the desert encroaches on the oasis. Soon it will be utterly gone.
The unique language of the Awjila Berbers is also being lost. These people, part of the larger Berber groups, are named after their language. They inhabit the town of Awjila, an oasis in northeastern Libya. The oasis is still there, but the Awjila language is dying out as Arabic increasingly becomes the dominant language in Libya. The youngest of the 2,000-3,000 remaining speakers are middle aged. When they are gone, no one who speaks Awjila will be left.
The ancestors of the Awjila people followed an ancient Berber religion which incorporated animism and ancestor worship. The Arabs brought Islam to the area when they conquered North Africa in the seventh century. As reported by the Joshua Project, the Awjilas have been exclusively Muslim since that century. No follower of Christ has ever worshipped in this tongue. The glory of God deserves to be expressed in all languages, including Awjila!

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Pray that Christ would be worshipped in Awjila before this language is gone. Pray that the Awjila people would not thirst in the desert of sin, but find Christ’s abundant oasis of forgiveness and drink the water of life.

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