Daily Topic for August 12, 2017

Rom 8:6, NET
For the outlook of the flesh is death, but the outlook of the Spirit is life and peace,...

Pray for the Arora people, be they Sikh, Hindu, or Muslim, to find the life and peace offered by the Holy Spirit.

Arora Muslims in Kashmir

by KH

Imagine what it would be like to be one of only 600 in your people group. The Arora people in Kashmir are such a group. Imagine being afraid to tell your loved ones about your decision to turn away from time honored customs and religious traditions for fear of being driven away from your home, or much worse.
Operation World notes that Kashmir, as an integral part of India, has endured tragic suffering and strife dating back centuries, particularly since the partition of India in 1947 when Pakistan and India warred over Kashmir. The Hindu rulers of the predominantly Muslim state joined India, creating India’s only Muslim majority state.
The Arora community has risen to heights of influence and affluence in India. One of India’s recent prime ministers is from the Arora community, but he was a Sikh. Most members of the Arora community are Sikhs or Hindus, though there are a few Muslims among them. There are no known believers among Arora Muslims, although increasing numbers are coming to faith among certain other Muslim groups in Kashmir. Those who become believers must make difficult choices.
The complete Bible is available in the Urdu language primarily spoken among the Muslim Arora people. Also there are radio broadcasts several times each week in Kashmiri, gospel recordings exist, and the JESUS Film and other visuals are available.

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Pray that Islamist extremism may cause Muslims to seek an alternative life, and that they will be led by the Holy Spirit of God to their savior.

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