Daily Topic for January 07, 2017

Acts 13:52, NET
And the disciples were filled with joy and with the Holy Spirit.

Pray that there will be great joy for the Aringa people as they hear His Word, and for those who follow Christ as they see His kingdom expand.

Aringa People of Uganda

by PE

“God speaks Aringa!” The man danced and sang among the large crowd that had come to celebrate the delivery of the Bible in the Aringa language. Waving palm branches, the crowd separated to allow a small replica of the Ark of the Covenant, actually a wooden box painted red, to be borne on poles to enter the center of the crowd. With awe and great joy the red Bibles, drawn from the Ark, were passed among the people. Some exclaimed how the words went “right to the heart instead of being translated from another language.”
In northwestern Uganda there is a growing, vibrant minority of believers among the Muslim Aringa people who are discovering the joy of following Christ. There are many tools for outreach including the JESUS Film and gospel recordings. But a small group decided that they wanted to have a Bible in their own language, and they wanted to do it themselves. With the help of the One Book organization they worked for 10 years to realize this wonderful day of celebrating the arrival of their own Aringa Bible.

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Praise God for the Word of God in the Aringa language, and for the beginning of the growth of the believing community among this people group! Pray for protection of believers. Pray for sensitivity and boldness as they reach out to their neighbors with the truth of the saving knowledge of Christ.

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