Daily Topic for January 10, 2010

Proverbs 18: 17
The first to present his case seems right, till another comes forward and questions him.

Using human reasoning, this puts the frontier missionary at a great disadvantage. How can the missionary convince ancient peoples like the Bushmen that there is One worthy of their undivided devotion, who lived thousands of miles away 2,000 years ago? It’s humanly impossible! But we rely on the Holy Spirit, the One who takes us beyond whatever is humanly impossible. With God all things are possible!

Pray today that the Holy Spirit will draw the unreached Bushmen beyond what they have always believed when they hear the Word of the Lord.

Aramanik Bushmen In Tanzania

by PE

Imani sat beside her mother, feet stretched toward the raging campfire. Chanting and clapping while the village men danced around the women, Imani watched as the yellow-skinned men danced first in a clockwise, then counterclockwise direction. Faster and faster they danced, soon bending at the waist as their stomach muscles contracted and their noses started to bleed. Imani’s mother whispered, “Now they are in the spirit world. They are pleading with the spirits for the healing of your brother.” Imani recognized the dance from rock paintings in the areas surrounding their nomadic camps. She huddled closer to her mother and the hair on her back tingled.

The Aramanik Bushmen only number about 3200, but because of their wandering lifestyle, they have remained fairly pure in their heritage, customs and beliefs. Only lately has the modern world encroached upon them, causing territorial disputes and land problems with other people groups, especially the Maasai tribe.

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Pray for a place that the Aramaniks can call their own where they won’t be in continual dispute over land rights. Pray also that they be loosed from the bonds of their traditional beliefs and that God will call willing workers to bring them the good news. Pray for many believers to be harvested from the Aramanik people in Tanzania to one day offer their sacrifice of praise to the living God.

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