Daily Topic for January 29, 2010

Song of Solomon 5:8
O daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you-if you find my lover, what will you tell him? Tell him I am faint with love.

Can you even imagine being “faint” with love for the Lord? Wouldn’t this be the ultimate experience, to love Him so much that you cannot contain yourself? Do we love the Lord Jesus Christ, our heavenly bridegroom, with the passion and purity of the love this bride has for her husband? Do we truly regard His love as the most precious of all forms of pleasure and satisfaction? Do we honor His longing for a bride who is both beautiful and complete?

Pray that the Muslim Arabs in Tanzania will become so “faint with love” for Jesus that they will not be able to contain themselves, but will proclaim His Name to Arabs everywhere.

Arabs in Tanzania

by AK

The descendants of Ishmael, Abraham’s first-born son, believe they are God’s chosen people. The Qu’ran teaches it. Yet Ishmael came from a human endeavor to “help” God, rather than from faith. Isaac came from God’s supernatural power, and God chose to send the Messiah through Isaac’s line. However, God still loves the Arabs and invites them to receive salvation through this Messiah.

Today, the Arab cultures vary considerably, though some things remain common even among Diaspora Arabs. For example, names are very important to an Arab. An Arabic child receives three names, which females retain after marriage. The first is a religious name (for example, Mohammed or Khadeeja), the second is their father’s name (ibn Abdul), and the third is the town where they live (al Arusha).

Early in the seventh century, Mohammed taught Islamic tenets to the Arab people. Though there are Christian Arabs in other parts of the world, Arabic people who have migrated to Tanzania are 98 percent Muslim, and most identify being Arab with being Muslim. These deeply entrenched beliefs will not change easily. The Holy Spirit must supernaturally touch the Muslim Arabs who live in Tanzania. Let us pray fervently for their salvation.

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