Daily Topic for January 25, 2017

Acts 10:1-2, NET
Now there was a man in Caesarea named Cornelius, a centurion of what was known as the Italian Cohort. He was a devout, God-fearing man, as was all his household; he did many acts of charity for the people and prayed to God regularly.

Pray for thousands of “persons of peace” like Cornelius to come forward to help spread the gospel to unreached communities.

Arabs in Sudan

by CMW

Salim (not his real name) is an Arab believer. He moved back to Sudan 14 years ago to share the love and mercy of Jesus with his friends and neighbors. Since returning to Sudan, Salim’s faithfulness has been blessed richly by God. His ministry, which is supported by believers in the United States, now sponsors two shelter homes where the pre-literate are taught to read and widows are taught to sew so they can earn a living. An American church has drilled a well for the ministry. Salim also oversees a school in which the number of students is growing steadily.
Salim reaches out to those who cannot come to him. Although he cannot visit prisoners, he walks near a prison from time to time to pray for those incarcerated.
People often ask Salim who pays for all his projects. He answers that Americans who follow Christ do, and this gives his questioners a different image of Americans. The Americans who came to build Salim’s three churches and to teach from the Bible are unlike the violent, gun-toting stereotypes that the Arabs see on American TV shows.

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Pray that the Holy Spirit will direct Salim’s outreach to his Arab community. Ask God to protect Salim and his family. May those blessed by the well also drink of Jesus’ living water. Pray that God will bring to fruition the plans for a fourth church among the unreached Arabs in Sudan.

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