Daily Topic for July 24, 2017

Colossians 1:13, TPT
He has rescued us completely from the tyrannical rule of darkness and has transferred us into the kingdom-realm of His beloved son.

Pray that soon the Apu people will be delivered from Satan’s tyrannical rule, and transferred to the King of kings.

Apu (Ah-poo) People

by CR

Numbering 3200 people, the Apu have only been “discovered” by outsiders in recent years, and little is known about them. Like the Micha for whom we prayed yesterday, the Apu are a small, isolated people group living in China’s Yunnan Province.
The Apu are counted as one of the 120 Yi peoples of China. The large number of Yi groups resulted from war, migrations, and slavery’s threat over centuries. Such conflict led small groups like the Apu to leave their homes and move to calmer places. With numerous years of isolation, the Apu people and others like them have developed an identity, dialect, and customs of their own.
The Apu worship many spirits believed to control life in their communities, including the dragon god who is greatly honored among them. Apu people are dominated by alcoholism and sexual immorality. With no known Christian witness, the Apu are considered not only unreached but unengaged, meaning that there are no believers reaching out to them. Their language, Eastern Nisu, includes no Bible translation, though there is GRN audio Bible teaching in this language.
The Apu live in Jinping County. Many from other people groups living in the same county have come to Christ through gospel radio broadcasts in their mother tongues.

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Pray for Eastern Nisu broadcasts to reach the Apu. Ask for intercessors and missionaries to be raised up in Jinping County and elsewhere for the Apu. Pray freedom through Christ and a harvest of souls for China’s Apu people.

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