Daily Topic for January 14, 2018

Psalm 5:2, NET
Pay attention to my cry for help, my king and my God, for I am praying to you!

Pray that the Lord will answer prayer for the Antakarana people to be helped and delivered by the savior.

Antakarana People in Madagascar

by CL

(This fictional account is intended to explain the challenges facing this people group.)
“We ask, O Lord, that you would reveal yourself as the almighty and all-powerful one throughout the sacred mountain.” Bowed heads nodded slightly, agreeing with this prayer. “Amen,” a woman agreed. “Break down the stronghold of Satan and free the Antakarana to worship you.” More nodding. Several soft amens ...
As the small mission team huddled together in a hut in northern Madagascar interceding for the Antakarana people, what they did not see and could not have known was that their prayers were being answered. Always faithful, God had heard them and, in response, was softening the hearts of strategic members of this unreached people group, speaking to them by his Holy Spirit, calling them out from darkness into his unquenchable light.
Approximately 400,000 Antakarana people live in the northern part of Madagascar, speaking their own language rather than the official language of Malagasy. They are almost all Muslim. Along with Islam, they also worship ancestors. As one mission organization put it, “Every detail of their lives is controlled by a complicated system of taboos and ceremonies. One mistake could bring the curses of the ancestors upon them.”

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Pray for the Antakaranas to be released from the bondage of Islam and ancestor worship, and make them willing to enter the spiritual freedom of the savior. Pray for the Lord to raise up many people to pray for the Antakarana people daily.

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