Daily Topic for March 01, 2017

Luke 10:9,17, NKJV
And heal the sick there, and say to them, “The kingdom of God has come near to you.”... Then the 70 returned with joy, saying, “Lord, even the demons are subject to us in Your name.”

Pray for the Akkin people to find that which their hearts have been waiting.

Akkin People

Some people might think that the Akkin tribe located in the Caucasus are Chechens. They aren’t, even though they have been identified in official Russian census statistics as “Chechen.” These 100,000 people live in western Dagestan and speak a distinct dialect of the Chechen language. Until the Soviet Union was dissolved in late 1991, this region was a part of the USSR.
The Akkin live along a transport corridor. An unfortunate “export” along this corridor is the constant turmoil and competition between two factions of Islam. Traditionally the Akkin have practiced the moderate, emotional, mystical Sufi version of Sunni Islam; but foreign Sunni Wahhabi zealots are attempting to stamp out Sufi practices throughout Dagestan.
The Akkin are affected by this insurgency as young men get recruited and enticed (even extorted) to participate in the conflict. Because of this turmoil, one can find Akkin refugees in many asylum camps located in Europe.

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Pray for representatives of Jesus to reach out to “the right people at the right time” among the Akkin. Pray for Chechen believers to have the courage to evangelize their Akkin cousins. Pray for Caucasus house churches to notice opportunities for friendship and connections with their Akkin neighbors. Thank the Lord for one church in the USA that has taken the Akkin into their hearts for long-term prayer until there is a Christ-following community among them. Pray for European Refugee ministries to have eyes and ears for Akkin people in their midst.

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