Daily Topic for May 22, 2017

Revelation 21:10, NKJV
And he carried me away in the Spirit to a great and high mountain, and showed me the great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God...

Pray that the Ahishka Turks will see beyond living in a land of opportunity, and they will look for a home with the Lord of lords.

Ahishka Turks in Dayton, OH

by BK

Block after block, lifeless houses stand side-by-side, gutted and empty, keeping watch over streets and sidewalks nearly as empty as themselves. The old neighborhood of North Dayton was suffering greatly from a lack of residents, just one of the symptoms of a slumping urban economy. This municipality has responded by soliciting assistance from an unlikely source: Turkish refugees!
The Ahishka Turks, displaced from southern Russia near Turkey, have been immigrating to the US since 2004 when they were granted refugee status. They are a hard-working and diligent people who consider it dishonorable to accept handouts, and they are very interested in investing in their communities. It is this entrepreneurial spirit that Dayton officials expect to help put the city economy on an upward turn.
The Ahishka form very close-knit communities, and they maintain very strong family bonds. The elderly are held in high respect. Everyone bands together to care for the young and the sick, to renovate a home, or to lift a business off the ground. Life is not necessarily easy for the Ahishka Turks in Dayton, but it is life, and they are flourishing in their new homeland.

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Pray that the Ahishka Turks will find success in their entrepreneurial endeavors, as they seek to carve out a life for their community. Pray that they would be exposed to the gospel, and that the local body of Christ would intentionally show them the love of the Father.

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