Daily Topic for February 22, 2017

Matthew 9:36, NKJV
But when He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion for them, because they were weary and scattered, like sheep having no shepherd.

Jesus was clearly thinking of precious ones like the Agul when He saw the crowds who needed a shepherd. The Agul, more than most, would vividly understand what it’s like for sheep to be without a shepherd. Such sheep wander into danger and are often killed by predators. Little do the Agul know that all mankind live like foolish sheep unless they find their shepherd, Jesus Christ.

Pray for stirrings of the heart among people of peace among the Agul, stirrings regarding their need for grace and kindness from a loving shepherd.

Agul People

Twenty-one villages high in the southern mountains of Dagestan have been home to the Agul people for millennia. The Aguls were converted to Islam after the Arab conquest in the 8th century. Many Dagestani peoples who live in lower elevations in southern Dagestan know the Agul because of their annual round-trip sheep migrations from high mountain pastures to lowland pastures. The Agul sheep and their shepherds swarm through lowland territories and temporarily block roads and congest small villages.
The Agul men are renowned shepherds. Many of them also work in construction in urban centers during the winter season, while the women of the family keep the mountain village households going during the long winter months.
There is currently only one known Agul believer, but there is more hope. Through long perseverance, the Gospel of Luke has been completed in Agul, both in written and audio form. In the past decade a publication on the Parables of Luke was prepared with illustrations. The Agul language is like a rare mountain butterfly, and so translations—honoring the ancient Agul language—have great potential to show the love of Christ.

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Pray for loving Christian friends, carrying the kindness of the Savior, to live among the Agul people. Pray for people of peace among the Agul to get acquainted with representatives of the gospel when they come near to them. Pray for written and audio gospel portions to circulate and penetrate into thirsty hearts.

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