Daily Topic for January 21, 2010

Ecc. 3:11
(God) has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.

Author Don Richardson has employed the phrase “eternity in their hearts” as the title of his thrilling account of God’s redemptive activity among the peoples of the earth. Richardson has discovered evidence of the knowledge of the One True Creator God in the ancient stories and legends of people groups from every continent on earth. Yet these stories, and the yearnings for eternal truth they express, are not sufficient to lead men and women to saving faith in Jesus Christ. “How can they hear without a preacher?” Paul asks. “And how can they preach except they be sent?”

Pray that the Lord will raise up and send those who will go to the lost in Tanzania, just as he did in the early days of the Africa Inland Mission.

Africa Inland Mission (AIM) Work

by CL

In l895, Peter Cameron Scott arrived on the coast of East Africa with a team of four men. His goal was to set up a string of mission stations that would stretch across the continent and eventually reach every unreached people group in inland Africa with the gospel. It was a seemingly impossible goal given the primitive conditions and the fact that Scott and his team were on foot. But he believed God could accomplish the impossible.

One year later, he died of black water fever and the number of missionaries on the team dwindled to one. It was at that point that God accomplished what only God can do. From that tiny, nearly aborted beginning, God gave birth to Africa Inland Mission (AIM). Today, AIM has nearly 800 missionaries in l4 African nations. More than four million people worship in churches planted by AIM.

In Tanzania, there are still 33 people groups waiting to hear the good news, according to the Joshua Project. AIM is dedicated to reaching those groups and planting Christ-centered churches among all African peoples.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray for God to continue doing the impossible through the AIM missionaries serving in Tanzania. Ask Him to equip them to faithfully seek out every unreached village and people group still waiting to hear that Jesus Christ has conquered sin and death. Pray for the realization of the AIM goal to establish His church among all African peoples.

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