Daily Topic for May 16, 2011

Romans 16:20
The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.

Zoroastrians understand better than most people that there is a constant war between the God of Creation and an evil spirit being who seeks to destroy. For centuries they were the only religion other than Judaism that understood that we need to worship only the Creator. Yet, without the power of our creator through Christ, they cannot stop the one who is the enemy of all mankind. The God of peace is still too distant to be their helper in time of need.

Pray for Zoroastrians to understand that they must turn to Jesus Christ in order to find victory over the evil one.

Zoroastrians of Houston

by GEC

Cyrus knew better than to complain to his dad, but he did it anyway. “Why do I always have to go to Sunday school? We never had that in India. Why do we have it here?” Cyrus felt confused. His Zoroastrian family had moved from India to Houston. They still practiced their religion. But now his Sunday mornings were “ruined” by this Sunday school.

“In India we lived in our own community,” his father said. “Everyone practiced our faith. From neighbors you learned about Cyrus the Great, your namesake. You virtually breathed our culture. But here in Houston things are very different. We see and hear many other beliefs. How else can we teach you the truth? Your schoolmates go to their Sunday schools. So our leaders came up with a similar time for our children to learn about our faith.”

Zoroastrians believe in an all-good creator god, Ahura Mazda. Evil came from another source and seeks to destroy Mazda’s creation. Though Mazda is distant and impersonal, he produced intermediaries, “through whom the works of God are evident to humanity, and through whom worship of Mazda is ultimately directed” (wikipedia.org). The purest worship is given to fire, which they see as representing the son of god.

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Pray that Christ-followers in Houston will build friendship bridges with their Zoroastrian neighbors. Pray that Zoroastrian children will lead the way to the Truth. Pray that the Holy Spirit will lead Zoroastrian leaders to humbly seek and find spiritual truth that they still lack.

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