Daily Topic for January 26, 2012

Ecclesiastes 1:2
“‘Meaningless! Meaningless!’ says the Teacher. ‘Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless!’”

If anyone could ever affirm the truth of this statement, it was the author, Solomon, King of Israel. He had it all—power, wealth, honor, glory, wisdom, and a large family! Yet he proclaimed it all worthless. Why? Solomon had forfeited the enjoyment of God’s blessings by his disobedience. Even though he was used of God to bless the Queen of Sheba (in Ethiopia), Solomon encumbered God’s plan to bless “all the families of the world” because of his sins of marrying many pagan wives and then being led into idolatry by them. With the channel of blessing diverted to personal pleasure, Solomon evaluated life as vain, empty, and futile.

Pray that the Kanuri people will learn to become focused on the things of God rather than diverting their resources to personal pleasures.

Yerwa Kanuri People of Sudan

by JR

Once-powerful rulers often don’t know where to direct their energies after they lose their power. This has been the experience of the Yerwa Kanuri people of Sudan, who began losing their power in this region during the early years of the 20th century. The British took power in 1914, and the influence of the Kanuris became much less significant. Nevertheless, they do still exercise a degree of influence on the surrounding people groups. Several other people groups have adopted various Kanuri practices and traditions in language and culture.
The Kanuris are tall and very dark in complexion, carrying a stately, dignified look. Making their living primarily through farming, the Kanuri people also do various other things during the dry season, such as raising livestock. Many of the Kanuris in cities perform government jobs.
Islam has remained the dominant religion of the Yerwa Kanuri people since the 11th century. This carries with it the belief that husbands should dominate their wives, with no recognition of any sort of equality. Along with Islamic traditions, many Yerwa Kanuris also practice many superstitions, using amulets and charms in a vain attempt to aid in pregnancies and protect themselves from the spirits of the dead.

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Pray that the Church will begin going to the Yerwa Kanuri people to befriend them, connect with them, and touch them with the gospel.

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