Daily Topic for April 06, 2011

Psalms 25:11
For the sake of Your Name, O Lord, forgive my iniquity, though it is great.

All of us sin each day, and we need forgiveness. Our sins are an offense to the One who created us, the only One with the power to forgive. This is one of the ways His Name is glorified: by forgiving sinful man. There are entire tribes, tongues and nations that don’t yet know that God will forgive their sins if they humble themselves and call on His Name in repentance. Don’t stop praying for these peoples who are cut off from their chance to accept forgiveness and glorify His Name.

Pray that the Yemeni Arabs in Paris will be stirred to crave His forgiveness, so that His Name may be glorified.

Yemeni Arabs in Paris

by JR

In recent years many Yemeni Arab women in Paris have had to “restore” their virginity. Although this sounds like fiction, in fact it is reality, and it is an absolute necessity for many of the women.
Thanks to the modern sexual practices of Paris which conflict with traditional Arab mores, Yemeni women who are engaged to be married but are not virgins must undergo surgery in secret in order to avoid being ostracized or even murdered. The surgery gives the necessary evidence on her wedding night that she is “pure.”

The social pressure to be a virgin at the time of their wedding is so severe that some women have taken their own lives. In a conservative Muslim culture like the one you find in Yemen, the sexual purity or a lack thereof among daughters is considered to be a source of either honor or shame. Families will do whatever it takes to restore honor if their daughter is “impure,” and the results can sometimes be deadly.

Another issue that Yemeni women have dealt with is underage marriage. Girls as young as eight years old have been given in marriage to men in their 30s who already have other wives.

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Pray for the Lord to restore dignity and honor to Yemeni Arab families in Paris—not through the “purity” of their daughters, but by having their hearts purified by the blood of Christ. Pray that family heads will understand that all have sinned and fall short of God’s glory.

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