Daily Topic for May 12, 2010

1st John 3:17
But if anyone has the world’s goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God’s love abide in him?

One of the best ways to glorify Christ and take the gospel to a tribe is to identify methods that will help them economically as well as sharing the gospel. In today’s entry, we read about the positive effects of a cosmetic company that provides trees to be planted and harvested by a tribe in the Amazon River Basin. This cosmetic company then buys some of the harvest, which provides the tribe with an income. Likewise, there are other organizations that buy coffee at a “fair price” so that coffee growers and their workers can both make an honest profit. What can we do to glorify Christ by training the people in ways that will help them economically while, at the same time, giving out the gospel of Christ?

Pray for discernment on this issue.

Yawanawa People

by PD

“The owl is not of this world. The owl hoots when someone is about to die. He asks ‘Who is going to die?’ The Yanawanas answer, “Yes, it is true there is someone here who is about to pass over to the other side.” ‘Give me the name,’ hoots the owl, ‘and I will look after him for ever.’” Chief Tashka was talking to a business friend from the Aveda cosmetic company (located in Blaine, Minnesota) who was visiting his village of Nova Esperanca, located in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest reserve. “When the owl comes to hoot for me,” said Tashka, “I want to feel that I have done my best for my people. The 13,000 Urukum trees you gave us are growing well and soon we will be able to provide your company with more of the rich juice from their seeds. Because of your help we have jobs, schools, better medicine, mosquito nets, and a book written in our own language. We are prosperous and moving forward, yet you have respected our culture.”

Chief Tashka has been a global advocate for the protection of the rainforest and his 700 Yawanawa people. Although their life has seen improvement, the Yawanawas maintain their spirit worship and ethnic traditions including polygamy.

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Pray that Chief Tashka will come to know that the greatest gift he could give his people is to direct them to God’s truth. Pray these people will soon give all their worship to their worthy Creator.

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