Daily Topic for May 11, 2010

John 1:4
In Him was life, and that life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it.

Notice the attitude of the Yawalapiti leader concerning the spirit world. He does not want to lose the Yawalapiti “spirits” along with other aspects of their “culture.” The light shines in the darkness, but mankind prefers darkness. Perhaps many think that they must retain their traditional spiritual beliefs for “cultural” reasons, but it’s actually, as John said, that people prefer darkness over light because their deeds are evil.

Pray that the Yawalapiti people will flee to the light of Christ, and forsake the darkness of the spirits they worship.

Yawalapiti People

by PD

“When I was born, there was just one house in the Yawalapiti village with only 12 living people. So many had died from disease. It was very sad. Today we number 180.”

Speaking softly in Portuguese, Chief Aritana was telling a National Geographic photographer the story of survival of his people.

“My father, Kanato, met the Villas Boas brothers in another village. They were the ones who saved us and other tribes over 50 years ago by making the government promise to protect our land. That is why it is now called Xingu Reserve. One brother, Orlando, came with my father and saw the sadness. He helped us with medicine and things needed so we could again return to the life we once had. He did not try to make us different like the missionaries. I do not want my people to lose their identity as others have in the reserve. We still have our spirits, music, tattoos, dances, and we live off the land. We meet with other tribes and instead of killing we enjoy the Huka-Huka (a ritualized wrestling tournament).”

The Yawalapiti people were once exploited by mercenaries and Portuguese settlers, which almost caused their extinction. However, the secular efforts to protect them have kept them in a spiritual darkness with no knowledge of the Living God.

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Pray that doors will open for culturally sensitive workers to befriend the Yawalapiti people and tell them about the wonderful Savior who can give them an abundant life.

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