Daily Topic for March 07, 2011

Psalm 115:1
Not to us, Lord, not to us but to Your Name be the glory, because of Your love and faithfulness.

The love and faithfulness that we have comes from God, and not from us. God’s love and faithfulness bring glory to Him! It is not about us, but it is about our Lord. We are simply His vessels to bring the knowledge of the way, the truth and the life to those who have not yet heard of His glory.

Pray that we will be faithful to take His glory to the nations.

Yakut People

by CN

Do you like the cold? Then visit Siberia’s Yakutia region and experience its long and severe winters, as about 456,000 Yakuts do every year. Yakut people differ from other Siberian peoples. Whereas their neighbors are mostly hunters and fishers, Yakuts are known for their herding of horses and cattle.

Yakutia is partly mountainous and partly lowland. The vegetation is primarily made up of a moist, sub-arctic forest. In the 17th Century Yakutia was annexed by the Russians who now call it the Sakha Republic. Wikipedia.org reports that it is the largest sub-national governing body in the world, covering 1,198,200 square miles. If it were an independent country, it would be the eighth largest in landmass. Yakutia’s remoteness made it a choice place to exile political dissidents for both Czarist and Communist governments of Russia.

Siberian peoples are known for their practice of shamanism. Among the Yakut people, both men and women could be shamans, but women are considered more powerful than men.
In recent years, however, winds of change have been blowing through Yakutia, bringing new hope and spiritual warmth to the Yakuts. We’ll read more of this change in tomorrow’s prayer focus.

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Today, pray that the Yakuts will learn of Jesus, the only one who is able to bring them into a right relationship with the true and living God.

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