Daily Topic for May 29, 2010

Romans 6:23
For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

This verse is the gospel in a nutshell! This is the message brought to remote parts of South America by YWAM workers. Our sin has separated us from the Creator, resulting in eternal death. But eternal life is offered through Christ Jesus! This eternal life is a free gift to all who will receive it. How will the peoples respond? God has to prepare their hearts like He did for the Suruaha people.

Thank the Father for His gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ and pray that He will give us the courage and selflessness to do whatever it takes to offer His gift to the unreached.


by CH

In 1967, Marcia and Edgar Suzuki were deep in the Amazon rainforest, working among the Suruaha tribe, under Youth with a Mission (YWAM). How could they communicate the love of Jesus to this tribe who had never heard of Jesus or even seen anyone from the outside? They knew they would need supernatural help and time to get to know the subtleties of this culture.

Supernatural help came unexpectedly one day. An elder came to Marcia and said, “Do you know the names of Jesus?” Marcia was puzzled, and said, “What do you mean?” Slowly, she began to write the names the elder told her. It soon became apparent that each name held a powerful meaning for the Suruaha people. “Hanadawa,” she wrote: (“The voice that calls out for you when you are lost”). “Mitadawa,” (“The one who pays the price over debt”). “Agadawa,” (the one who takes the soul home”). And “Agisawadawa” (“the one who frees you so you can follow him”).

Marcia was astonished! She asked, “Who told you these names?” He said, “Jesus did!” Did Jesus speak to the Suruaha directly? Apparently. The villagers drew great comfort from these names and strength to resist the temptation from evil spirits who terrorized the people and tempted them to commit mass suicide. This could have brought the small tribe of 150 to total extinction!

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Pray that the Suruaha people will continue to grow in their faith in Jesus.

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