Daily Topic for February 28, 2012

Daniel 7:9, 10
As I looked, thrones were set in place, and the Ancient of Days took His seat. The court was seated, and the books were opened.

Daniel was given a glimpse of the end times, and in particular, as seen in these verses, of the Great White Throne judgment seat (See also Revelation 20:11-15). The dead will then stand before the Father’s throne and be judged according to what they have done. What an awesome vision for Daniel to behold! As he continued to watch, the Son of Man was led into the Father’s presence and was given authority, glory, and sovereign power; all peoples, nations, and men of every language worshiped Him (7:14). How glorious and how comforting! God has not given us an impossible commission. It will be accomplished as He sees fit and as we yield ourselves to Him.

Thank the Lord for this glimpse of the future. Pray that He will hasten the day when through us, some from every nation will sing His praises.

Work Among the Yalunka People

by PE

It’s twilight in the small Yalunka village nestled among the mountains of Guinea. Sewa slips from the mosque after Friday prayers and melts into the shadows of the tall grass. His wives won’t miss him for a while. When he knows he’s alone, Sewa slumps against a lonely tree and begins to sob. “Does no one care? How can I ever do enough good deeds to balance the scales and go to heaven? I’m doomed by my sins! Someone please come and help me!”
Across the ocean at this moment, the entire staff of Faith Comes By Hearing is seeking God during three days of prayer and fasting. God hears their prayers and inspires a phenomenal idea. They produce a small box with a chip in it that plays a dramatic reading of the New Testament in the heart language of many ethnic groups. Yes, even the 86,000 Yalunkas will hear the Word of God through a chip that does not wear out and a battery that can play the entire New Testament more than 1,000 times.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray for Satan to be bound from hampering the use of these “Proclaimers” as the box is called. Pray for a great harvest of Yalunka souls to be won for Christ. Pray that the handful of Yalunka believers who are being trained to use the Proclaimers will be kept safe and that the Holy Spirit will multiply and empower their message.

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