Daily Topic for July 20, 2010

Hebrews 1:2
...He has spoken to us by His Son, Whom He appointed heir of all things, and through Whom He made the universe.

This great statement affirms that Jesus Christ shapes the boundaries of human history. He is the beginning, the Creator of all things, the Maker of everything that exists. And He is the end, the focal point to which all history is moving. We know this by His Word, which the Western Lawas and many others now lack. Since Christ is the beginning and end of human history, what a tragedy that so many nations are cut off from any effective means of learning about Him!

Pray that soon and very soon the Western Lawas will receive this good news that Jesus is the beginning and the end.

Western Lawa of China

by AK

Before the Western Lawa had a written language, they communicated by sending objects to other villages. A banana was a friendly sign, but pepper signified anger. If a neighboring village received a bullet, they had better prepare for war. Isolation has caused them to retain their traditions, both good and bad.

The Western Lawa people are exempt from the One Child Policy. They lack education and have a high rate of illiteracy. The Lawas are skilled ironsmiths, but unable to export their work due to deficient transportation.

A high percentage of these 55,000 people say they are Buddhist, but they practice animism. Parts of the Bible are translated into their language now, yet there are few followers of Christ among them. The ones who have received Him as Lord don’t have anyone to disciple them. Therefore, there is a danger that they may become “Christian” animists, adding Jesus to the list of spirits they worship. We know God will not share His glory with false gods. The Living Savior has made communication with the Loving Father available to all. Nothing can isolate the Lawa people from Him.

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Pray that loving Christians will soon have access to the Western Lawa people. Pray that the Lawa people will soon have access to God’s Word. Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide the few Lawa Christians into all truth.

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