Daily Topic for February 24, 2011

John 4:13
Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.

In this passage, Jesus was explaining to a Samaritan woman that she had a need. Just as the natural order of things shows us that we need water to survive, the spiritual order of things teaches us that we need Jesus for survival.

Pray that the Fulbe peoples will soon embrace Christ, the Living Water.

Well Digging Among the Fulbe

by WK

In the dry grasslands of northern Cameroon a jeep pulled up to a village of straw huts. The missionaries climbed out of the jeep and were immediately mobbed by Fulbe people. “Are you the one who has come to dig wells for us?” “Yes,” said one missionary. “I will provide you with water and will tell you about the Living Water who will satisfy the thirst of the heart.”

Most Fulbe are nomadic cattle herders who know how important water is for their survival. There are a handful of missionaries reaching out to the Fulbe subgroups, and very few of them work among the nomadic communities. New missionaries are preparing for the work God is leading them to do. There is an open door for community development workers among the Fulbe because water is in short supply in most of the places they live.

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Pray that the missionaries preparing to reach out to the Fulbe will be well supported with finances and prayer. Ask God to create a spiritual thirst among this people group, so they will be eager to learn about Jesus Christ, the Living Water. Pray that all Fulbe people groups will come to see Jesus as the true source of salvation.

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