Daily Topic for May 06, 2010

Romans 3:29
Is he not the God of Gentiles too?

This passage of Romans 3:21-29 is a glorious one, because it tells us that God loves everybody. People are saved not by the performance of the works of the Law, but by faith in Jesus Christ, who gave his life to conquer the darkness of our sin. The path to becoming a child of God is the same for all mankind. The very God that we worship is the same God over the entire human race, even though the Waimiri Atroari people may not have heard of Him yet. Still, their folklore is similar to the biblical story of creation, the fall of man and a redeemer. So they may be receptive to biblical teaching on creation and sin entering the world.

Pray that someone will soon teach the Waimiri Atroari about their savior, Jesus Christ, so they can understand the loving kindness and grace that awaits them.

Waimiri Atroari People of Brazil

by EJD

As the beetles clicked, the sun set behind the curtain of foliage. The delicate Waimiri Atroari boy sat on Grandmother Yuki’s lap, his big black eyes fixed on her creased and animated face. She said, “When the son of Tupa will come to visit us, then all that our people fear will be hidden again in the tucuma nut.”
Yuki had just narrated to her precocious grandson the story of the tucuma nut, from which all the horrors in the world were unleashed. This is a story that the Waimiri Atroari people pass down from generation to generation. Yuki herself still remembered the fear in her grandmother’s eyes as she droned in her distinctive voice about how Caboclo and his wife had broken open the nut, and darkness engulfed the whole earth. Yuki had gasped while her grandmother continued, “Not only darkness, but all those night creatures that so terrify us will get you.” Yuki had often pondered the fact that the woes of the world occurred because of that primeval curiosity and offense. She also awaits deliverance from the son of Tupa, the great god who created the world.

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Pray that the Waimiri Atroari people of Brazil will come to know that the Creator God has indeed come to earth and has made provision for the forgiveness of sins and deliverance from darkness through His son Jesus Christ. Pray that when they hear the gospel message they will know it is the fulfillment of their dreams.

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