Daily Topic for December 31, 2009

Psalms 51:12b-13
"...grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me. Then I will teach transgressors Your ways, and sinners will turn back to you."

Have you ever asked God to give you a willing spirit? Being willing to obey all that He tells us to do is an essential part of lordship. When someone says yes to missionary work, they are asking God to give them a willing spirit to go out and teach transgressors His ways so His kingdom will be extended. What an eternal privilege! Ironically, the Wahhabi sect is one of Islam’s most likely to send missionaries to the rest of the world. Their view of forgiveness, mercy and justice is entirely at odds with Biblical Christianity.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to get a hold of those bound by Wahhabism, so that they will have a willing spirit to embrace the One who forgives sin out of His mercy.

Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia

God’s tears must flow to see so many of His greatest creation, mankind, bow in another direction, passionately, fervently trying to please a deity so unlike Himself!

The people in what the world calls the Wahhabi Movement, which is really an Islamic reform movement, call themselves Muwahidun, or “those who advocate oneness.” They are ultra conservative Muslims who advocate rigid adherence to their interpretation of the Koran. In Saudi Arabia, religious police enforce these laws. Some Wahhabis have declared holy war (jihad) against other Muslims and the rest of the world who don’t think as they do. Raised from infancy in schools and homes that teach this view, how will they hear God’s inner call?

When the Wahhabi Movement began as a trickle in Saudi Arabia, the gush of oil and the influx of massive petro-dollars enabled the funding of missions to export radically conservative Muslim views to the world. Nothing less than a world under Shariah Law is now their goal. Many Saudi royals and others now recognize Wahhabism as a powerful threat to their sovereignty.

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Pray that these people will gain access to the Bible in their own language and a living witness who will share Truth with them. Pray for the Holy Spirit to move on those in spiritual bondage to Wahhabism, that their hearts might open and multitudes be saved. Pray for dreams and visions, testimonies of healings and salvation, and the revelation that the Wahhabi Movement pales in comparison to the love of the Living God.-PE

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