Daily Topic for September 28, 2010

2 Kings 5:17b
“…for your servant will never again make burnt offerings and sacrifices to any other god but the Lord.”

Here is an example of a high-ranking military officer from one of Israel’s enemies who came to faith in the One True God. His allegiance was now to Jehovah Jireh, the One who provided him with healing. It is very hard for anyone to stand against a crowd and speak out for Christ, even for a person of great wealth and prominent social status. What of the Vellalans? What will it take for them to have the courage to do what Naaman did, and put their trust in Him?

Pray that many from the Vellalan people will soon hear His Word and respond with an open and sincere heart to the true and living God.

Vellalan People in Sri Lanka

by KC

Jawahar slammed his palm against the computer table and groaned. “How can I tell who we are if every web page gives a different answer?” His mother pulled up a chair and looked at the various web sites Google recommended for “Vellalan,” a caste cluster in southern India and Sri Lanka. Jawahar started ranting, “One web page says we are land owners, another says we are a military caste, another says we are accountants. About all they can agree on is that we speak Tamil and we are Hindus.” His mother chuckled and replied, “We are actually all three. And to make it even more complicated, we are a cluster of castes that live both in Sri Lanka and southern India.”

There are 305,000 Vellalan people in Sri Lanka and more than two million in southern India. They enjoy high status because of their history as military experts and productive landowners. Yet who knows how much of their history is mere legends written by their own people?

Like many high caste Hindu peoples, the Vellalans are resistant to the gospel. They speak Tamil, a language spoken by Christian missionaries in India. There is a complete Tamil Bible and other resources. There are strong Tamil-speaking fellowships, but the Vellalan people will not join them.

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Pray for someone to distribute Tamil Bibles far and wide in Vellalan communities. Pray for Tamil-speaking workers to go to them as His ambassadors.

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