Daily Topic for April 13, 2011

Acts 14:26
…they sailed back to Antioch, where they had been committed to the grace of God for the work they had now completed.

This is one of the ironies of church history. Though the people who lived in Antioch (modern day Turkey) at the time of Paul’s ministry were mainly Greeks, the church there was the central point for sending missionaries. Through the centuries, the Greek Christian people who lived in the area were replaced by the Muslim people we now call the Turks. With Islam as their banner and the Ottoman Empire as their political center, the Turks became a very powerful Muslim nation until they lost their empire after World War I. Today, the Turks are unreached wherever they live.

Pray that Paris will soon become an “Antioch” from which Turkish people can be reached with the gospel and sent out to the world.

Turks in Paris

by PD

A large majority of the 500,000 Turkish immigrants in France are Muslims. Most of them live in or near Paris. This is evident by the number of Turkish immigrant Islamic associations and mosques that have been built in and around the City of Lights.

Turkey, once considered to be a secular nation, has recently seen an increase in Islamic influence both on its domestic policies and laws and in foreign policy. Turkey, once a staunch ally of Israel, now seems to be sympathetic towards her enemies.

This change in the policies of their homeland has had a strong influence on the Turkish people that have migrated to Europe. Many of them now take their religion more seriously and believe that Islam is the only true religion. Christian groups have reported that, “There are about 3,000 Bible-based churches in France.” None of them are known to be reaching out to the Turkish community in Paris.

Due to language difficulties, Turkish youth have had a difficult time adjusting to France’s education system; however, recent reports show some improvement. Poor education and an inability to speak French have kept many Turks in low-paying unskilled jobs. The younger generation is only beginning to advance.

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Pray that many believers will reach out in friendship to these Turkish immigrants. Pray that Turkish community leaders will embrace Jesus as lord of their lives, opening doors for other Turks to embrace Him as well.

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