Daily Topic for December 17, 2010

Matthew 2:2b
…We saw His star in the east and have come to worship Him.

The Gentile astrologers who traveled so many miles were determined to see the Savior of the world. Strange as it may seem, these people knew very little about the God of Abraham, yet they were willing to seek out the baby Jesus, at great peril to their lives. Could it be that there are people in today’s world from a Turkish background who are also seeking the Savior?

Pray that frontier missionaries today will meet those who are seeking truth. Pray that truth seekers will encounter truth, and the truth will set them free.

Turks in Egypt

by EJD

The amplified chant of the muezzin, summoning Muslims to worship was heard amid the hustle and bustle of the Friday evening in Egypt. Afet who had been setting the table with olives, cheeses and nuts abruptly left the room and spread a mat in her well-furnished Cairo apartment in order to say the salah (prayer). After this time of prayer she hurriedly resumed getting dinner ready for her husband Baabar who had said that he would be bringing a colleague over for dinner. Baabar’s work had brought them to Cairo from Istanbul, Turkey.

Twenty minutes later Baabar came home with Paco, a Central American who had recently come to work in Baabar’s office. Paco, a fervent believer of Jesus Christ, befriended people with ease and ardently prayed that the Lord would meet them. Since his arrival in Cairo, he has enjoyed the warm hospitality of Baabar, who shows keen interest in what Paco believes and says. While enjoying the meal that Baabar and Afet had set before him, Paco prays in his heart that God would give him the courage and the wisdom to share the Word of God.

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Pray that God would strengthen Christ’s ambassadors in this region even as they take the gospel to the Turks of Egypt, a relatively receptive people. Pray also that Turkish believers would be emboldened by the Spirit of God to share the gospel with fellow Turks.

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