Daily Topic for April 05, 2011

Acts 8:31-35
“How can I [understand],” he said, “unless someone explains it to me?” Then Philip began with that very passage of Scripture and told him the good news about Jesus.

Philip asked the Ethiopian (probably a Gentile proselyte) if he understood what he was reading, and the man admitted that he did not. Many unreached people groups today have the same problem as the Ethiopian eunuch: they need further face-to-face explanation of what they have read and heard. The Great Commission tells God’s people to live among isolated peoples so they can explain the gospel to them.

Pray for more face-to-face laborers who will explain the Scriptures and preach Jesus to unreached Tunisian Arabs in Paris.

Tunisian Arabs in Paris

by JR

In recent years Tunisian Arabs in Paris have traded their headdresses and veils for t-shirts and jeans. Western influence is also noticeable in their choice of language, a colloquial Arabic dialect, along with French.

Most of the Tunisian Arabs in France are located in Paris, although there are pockets of them in Lille and around the Channel Coast. The majority live in low cost urban housing, just large enough to house one nuclear family, not the extended family that so many Tunisians live with in their homeland.

An interesting facet of life for these Tunisian Arabs is their relatively good relationship with the Jews in Paris. There is a strip of storefronts known as “Little Tunis.” It is a gathering place for both Tunisian Arabs and Jews, and it includes bakeries, grills and butcher shops.

Another item of importance to Tunisian Arabs in Paris is the portable “Mosque in A Box,” developed for Muslims who are not able to spend time in traditional mosques. It can be folded up and taken on trips wherever its owner wants to go.

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Pray that as times and traditions change, the Church will utilize new, positive methods of interacting with and influencing Tunisian Arabs for Christ. Pray that the freedom Tunisians know in Paris would be used to explore biblical truths.

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