Daily Topic for March 14, 2011

John 4:32
I have food to eat that you know nothing about.

At first glace, this verse can leave us with the impression that Jesus was in such a good mood after talking with the Samaritan woman that he made an overstatement. This was no overstatement. By addressing her needs, Jesus was refreshed in a way the disciples knew nothing about. Doing the will of His Father, and finishing His work, was what truly satisfied and sustained Him. How about us? Are we refreshed and sustained by obedience to Christ’s commission? Do we delight to “finish His work” among the nations?

Pray that the Holy Spirit will refresh and sustain us as we work towards seeing some from every nation follow the Lamb.

Tofalar People

by JWS

Only about 700 Tofalars exist today, and their language, Karagas, is one of the smallest languages of Russia. They live in the Irkutsk Oblast Region of southern Siberia near the Tuvin people we prayed for yesterday. Traditionally, they were hunters of wild game, herders of domesticated reindeer and gatherers of wild food. Their reindeer were the largest in the world. They used reindeer as other peoples use horses: as transportation and as burden-bearing pack animals. They bartered their animal furs with neighboring people groups and traders in exchange for hunting weapons, flour, salt, sugar, and tea. They were semi-nomadic, moving their tipis and their families to the mountains in summer and to warmer lower elevation river valleys in the winter.

According to Wikipedia, the Tofalar people were resettled into permanent housing in 1932 by the Soviet government. Tofalar children learned Russian at new Soviet-built schools, while cultural traditions such as hunting and shamanism were discouraged or prohibited. The domestic reindeer and the hunting territories were collectivized at the same time, according to everyculture.com. They became the property of the economic system in which the Tofalar people worked as hired reindeer shepherds, state hunters and general laborers.

While no portions of the Bible have been translated into Karagas, most Tofalars know Russian.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray for Bible translators and Russian believers to have a burden for the Tofalars’ souls. Pray God would reveal Himself to them. Pray for a Christ-centered Church to rise up among them.

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