Daily Topic for December 25, 2011

John 1:14
The Word became flesh and lived for a while among us.

As we recall Jesus’ birth this Christmas Day, we see Almighty God crossing the greatest barriers which separated Him from man. And in God’s initiative to live among us we see the missionary dynamic necessary to reach unreached people groups. Jesus — the missionary Word of God — became flesh so that 33 years later He might die and decisively deal with the barrier of sin. The same Word which had created man became man, took on human flesh, and lived for a while among us. It is now our task to cross other barriers (culture, language, religion) to the unreached peoples and proclaim the Word in person!

Pray that as the Father sent His Son, He will now send us.

Tihama Tribe of Yemen

by GEC

They describe themselves as having “black skin and kinky hair.” They do not fit the usual picture of Arabs. But these Tihamas claim they are the original Arabs. They were among the first to convert to Islam. They quote the Prophet as saying, “Faith is Yemeni, wisdom is Yemeni—the people of Yemen have come.” He called them soft-hearted and compassionate. He was speaking of the Tihama people who live along the west coast of the Red Sea. From their shores they can see the coast of Africa. Their homes and communities look more African than Arab. Now they have started to demand rights as the original Arabs.
But the Yemeni government neglects and abuses this soft-hearted, compassionate people. The Tihama consider Yemeni political leaders as foreigners. Meanwhile, when the president visited the Tihama region, he praised the industry he saw, but ignored the plight of the Tihama people. The light-skinned Yemenis call them, “Akhdam,” suited only for servanthood. The dark skinned, kinky haired people remain abused and neglected in their own country. No wonder they join in the protests!

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Pray that soon there will be justice and mercy for the abused and neglected Tihama people. Pray that political change will result in more openess to the outside world. Pray that the gospel will find access to the hearts of Tihama leaders.

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