Daily Topic for June 11, 2011

Ephesians 3:6
…the Gentiles are heirs together with Israel, members together of one body, and sharers together in the promise in Christ Jesus.

It’s very common for the Thai to believe that “to be Thai is to be Buddhist.” This attitude can exclude a Thai from having complete devotion to Christ. In Ephesians 3:6, we hear God speak through Paul, and the message is very clear. Gentiles, including the Thai, can share in the promises and love of Christ. They will become one body with other believers.

Pray that Thai people in Thailand and Cambodia will totally embrace Jesus Christ so that they can share in His promises.

Thai People in Cambodia

by WK

In an August 2010 edition of the Bangkok Post there is a story of a man named Ling and his two friends who went hunting in the jungles near home and got arrested by the Cambodian Army. That shocked the men because they were Thai and thought they were still in Thailand. Ling had relatives living near the town where the jail was located. He hoped they would hear of his arrest and do something to get them out of jail. Meanwhile, all the three men could do was sit in their cell and wait for someone to come and help them.

No one really knows how many ethnic Thai live in Cambodia. That’s because the border between the two countries is poorly defined, which is one of the reasons for the sporadic skirmishes between Cambodian and Thai forces last February. In the past the border regions between Cambodia and Thailand had been the home base of some Communist guerilla groups, and land mines had kept many people out of this region. But now the guerilla groups have disbanded and the land mines have been removed. Accidental border crossings have become more common in recent years.
The Thai are a Buddhist people group. There are very few followers of Christ among them.

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Ask God to open the hearts of the Thai in Cambodia to the true and living God who loves them. May this people group realize that Jesus Christ is the only real source of salvation. Ask God to break the hold that Buddhism has on the Thai living in Cambodia.

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