Daily Topic for March 02, 2011

John 12:20
Some Greeks.... came to Philip, who were from Bethsaida in Galilee, with a request. “Sir,” they said, “we would like to see Jesus.”

After performing all the miraculous signs that proved His identity, Jesus started toward Jerusalem. The crowds followed. The Pharisees said to one another, “Look how the whole world has gone after Him!” Then some Greeks came requesting to see Jesus. John’s gospel reaches a dramatic moment: Jesus responded by saying that His hour had come. His glorification in death and resurrection would be the answer for these Greeks and others, both Jew and Gentiles, wanting to see Him. He had come to draw all men to Himself, and now a representative world was ready and waiting.

Pray that the Savior will draw people to Himself from every tribe and language and people group. Pray that we, his faithful servants, will help the peoples to “see Jesus!”

Testimony, Continued

In 1995, after I was baptized in a church, I received an invitation to come to Romania to study at a seminary. When I arrived there, I learned that this seminary was not an appropriate place for me to attend because I would have to take a five year course, plus learn a new language. After consultations with the Christian leadership, I was sent to Moldavia to study the Bible for three years. I really enjoyed my studies in Moldavia and began to grow as a Christian and received many spiritual blessings. In 1997 I had a revelation to pray for my own nation, for the Even people. And in 1998, I started a ministry to the Even, Chukchi, Yukagir, and Yakut peoples. In 1998, there was only one church in our area, and it was not attended by the local people. At that time mostly Russians and Ukrainians were going to this mother church. A year later, a home Bible group was started in one Chukchi village. Within two years, another two churches were started, one for the Yukagir peoples and one for the Even peoples. After we started a ministry outside of the original church in the region, we noticed that more nationals started coming to our mother church as well.

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Pray for God to bless me as a preacher, because right now there is a need for God’s people to grow spiritually. Pray for open doors into these ethnic groups so that more of them can come to know Jesus.

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