Daily Topic for August 29, 2010

Acts 16:31, 33b
They replied, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved—you and your household. … then immediately he and all his family were baptized.

Missionaries are very eager to see anyone put their faith in Christ, even if they have to go to those with the lowest status in a community or family. However, if the elders in a family are hostile to the gospel, it is very possible that no one will embrace the Savior. In this passage of Acts, the apostles managed to first reach the head of a Roman family. As a result, the entire family was baptized.

Pray for Tawang Monpa community and family leaders to embrace the Christ so that there can be a full movement to Christ.

Tawang Monpa People

by JS

Not far from the Kalaktang Monpas that we read about yesterday live the Tawang Monpa people. Although India simplistically lumps similar Buddhist people together as Monpa, the Tawang Monpa differ significantly from other Monpa groups. They live in the disputed border region between China and India and have been under control of both countries. They are named for the town closest to where they live, Tawang, which is home to the largest Buddhist monastery in India. The area is breathtakingly beautiful and has been billed by tourist operators as “The Hidden Paradise” and “The Land of Dawn-lit Mountains.” Tourism is a growing industry in Tawang.

There are many religious festivals and celebrations that take place at the Tawang Monastery, and it is the birthplace of the sixth Dalai Lama. In the past few years a few Tawang Monpa individuals, mostly young people, have put their faith in Jesus Christ. They immediately faced strong pressure from their families and communities to renounce their new faith. Some did, but others counted the cost and continue to follow Christ as Lord. The believers who bought the gospel to Tawang have been persecuted.

Ask God to fan the spark that has been lit there that it might grow into an all-encompassing flame for Christ. Pray for power encounters that will convince the staunch Buddhists in this region that Jesus has absolute power over the spirit world.

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