Daily Topic for September 20, 2010

Genesis 49:10 NLT
The scepter will not depart from Judah, nor the ruler’s staff from His descendants, until the coming of the one to whom it belongs, the one whom all nations will obey.

The coming of the Messiah and his eternal Kingdom would be the ultimate fulfillment of the promise given to Abraham. Though the Messiah, Jesus, has come, His eternal Kingdom is not yet here. Our job at this time is to tell others throughout the world about the true and living God. We must disciple all nations, (Matt. 28:18-19), and then He will come again to reign on the earth. Only then will there be justice and mercy.

Pray that suffering people in Sri Lanka like the Tamil Muslims will soon yearn for Christ’s return, and trust Him alone to bring justice and mercy to the earth.

Tamil Muslims in Sri Lanka

by EJD

Before she began to cook, Najeefa swept every nook and cranny of her home and scrubbed the floor until it shone. She got up from the floor, reached for a mop, and knocked her head against a shelf. Down fell a priceless silver plate! She picked it up and gently touched it, checking for damages with her callused fingers as tears streamed down her face. That silver plate was the only valuable thing that was salvaged when Tamil Tiger rebels burned down her home. Yusuf, her husband, had managed to grab that precious heirloom before he fled the town. Najeefa and her children were spared the brutality because they had been out of town visiting family. She later learned how the Tamil Tigers had stormed into their largely Muslim town, beaten people and threatened to kill them if they didn’t leave. Such venomous anger was unleashed because the Tamil Muslims were not willing to support this rebel group.

Yusuf, who once owned a butcher shop, now carries bricks at a construction site. Yusuf and Najeefa are grateful for their small home in the refugee camp at Puttalam. But they look back with such yearning for the home they were forced to flee.

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Pray that the Tamil Muslims, Tamil Hindus and Sinhalese would have an encounter with the Prince of Peace, find peace and joy, and stop the fighting and bloodshed.

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