Daily Topic for September 19, 2010

Genesis 3:9
But the Lord God called to the man, “Where are you”?

God knew the answer to the question. The reason He asked it was for us to know the answer—for us to realize where we are. Taking the gospel into a lost world today requires the same perspective. Before lost nations can be redeemed, just as with lost individuals, they must understand where they are and how they got there. As the maxim goes, you have to get a person lost (that is to recognize the reality of being lost) before you can get him saved. The best place to begin with an unreached people group is in Genesis. Otherwise, information without a context quickly becomes misinformation.

Pray that the Tamil Hindus in Sri Lanka will understand that they are lost, and that they must rely on God alone to find them.

Tamil Hindus in Sri Lanka

by EJD

The sun disappeared in a blaze of orange and yellow. Children in the sleepy village were playing on the street, while young women were drawing kollam (an art form) on the floor that they had made moist with water. Birds were noisily returning to their nests, bells were ringing at the Hindu temple, and the aged Kannaki sat on a low stool, stringing jasmine flowers together. While her hands worked deftly, her eyes had that vacant look that one is wont to have when one has seen too much.

She was thinking of July 23, 1983. Angered by the killing of 13 Sinhalese soldiers, anti-Tamil attacks were carried out by a Sinhalese mob, leaving thousands of Tamils dead and wounded.
While the world read this horrendous news headline, Kannaki was cremating her fishermen husband and son who had been ruthlessly killed by a frenzied mob. Over the years Kannaki has lived in constant fear, wondering when the next outburst of violence would occur. She is fearful for her daughter and herself.

Staring at the disappearing orange globe from the verandah of her now grown-up daughter’s home, last year’s news of a peace settlement failed to comfort Kannaki. The fighting might have ceased … but not for Kannaki who daily encounters the horrors of war in her painful memories and in terrifying nightmares.

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Pray that these Tamil Hindus in war ravaged Sri Lanka will soon find healing for their physical and emotional wounds in Christ Jesus.

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