Daily Topic for December 23, 2010

John 1:16
From the fullness of His grace we have all received one blessing after another.

This verse goes on in verse 17 to say that grace and truth came through the Christ. Many religious leaders claim to show the right way to live. Jesus actually did show the way to live, and He did much more. Focus on the word blessing for a minute. The birth of Jesus opened the door to the blessing of salvation for all nations. Now that is something to celebrate this Christmas!

Thank the Lord that His birth was a blessing for all the nations. Pray that you will remember His salvation as you celebrate His birth this month.

Ta�izz-Adeni People

by NW

An angry gray cloud penetrated the countenance of the turbaned sheik with the long beard as he sat on a cushion against a wall facing inward. He was deeply disturbed by news he received a few hours earlier. The message of Jesus Christ somehow penetrated one of the Ta’izz-Adeni communities in Egypt. The man angrily pounded his fist on the carpeted floor and began to yell. Five village leaders, dressed in similar fashion, walked into the room.

The man pounding his fist was the sheik. He was about to begin an emergency meeting with the leading men of the Ta’izz-Adeni tribe living in Egypt. After explaining the situation, he asked them, “How is it possible that a Christian came into our village and shared this heresy? Are our people no longer following their instructions to watch all who enter? Have we forgotten that when we left Yemen we all agreed to continue living as our ancestors lived for hundreds of years? Listening to Christians is not acceptable!” The sheik calmed down, and the room became quiet. The group began to discuss how to stop this heresy from spreading.

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Pray for the Ta’izz-Adeni people in Egypt and Yemen. Ask God to send tactful believers to share the gospel message with their sheiks. Pray for the Holy Spirit to open the heart of the Ta’izz-Adeni people.

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