Daily Topic for July 08, 2012

Mark 1:41
Filled with compassion, Jesus reached out His hand and touched the man. "I am willing," He said. "Be clean!"

What good news the gospel is to those who suffer from dreaded diseases! Jesus reached out to a leper and instantly healed him and sent him away fully cured, free from illness. How would the Tai Deng people respond to the Healer? We would think that they would welcome Him. But few, if any, have gone to their communities to tell this people group about the God who loves them.

Pray that God will soon thrust out workers to take His healing touch to the suffering Tai Deng people.

Tai Deng People of Laos

by EJD

The lively group of Tai Deng women peeled fist-sized banana flower buds as another group sliced them into thin rings. There was an air of festivity as the chickens were cleaned and the pigs were roasted in preparation for the forthcoming wedding. Daw, the mother of the bride, gently combed her daughter’s long, silky black hair. Her vision was blurred by the tears she was trying so hard to hide - tears of joy and sadness. Joy because she had been able to raise a daughter who was soon to be married, and immense grief because of the recent memory of her husband taken away from them in the latest outbreak of sickness. No doctor was available to help him. Not wanting to cast a shadow on her daughter’s happiness, Daw quickly wiped her eyes, planted a kiss atop her daughter’s neatly groomed head, and left to attend to the busy activities of the day.
The life of Tai Deng women like Daw is often punctuated by the grief of losing a loved one to a disease that could easily be treated. The statistics are tragic. In Laos where the Tai Deng live, there is but one trained doctor for every 4,381 people. And more often than not, the people seek spirit doctors to cure diseases, leaving them vulnerable to the wicked spirits whom they turn to for help.

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Pray that this largely Buddhist-animistic people group will soon find healing and restoration in this world and the next through the saving power of Christ.

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