Daily Topic for December 16, 2011

Proverbs 28:5
Evildoers do not understand what is right, but those who seek the Lord understand it fully.

Because of our sin nature, it is very easy to twist justice and think that we are doing the right thing. Today we are reading about an entire country where justice is corrupted. Could it be that the best thing we can do for people like President Bashir Al-Assad and his inner circle is to pray that he seeks the Lord? Repentance brings about positive transformation.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to move in the lives of unjust leaders in the Arab World so that they will repent and understand His justice.

Syrian Arabs

by JR

In late June a band calling themselves the “Strong Heroes of Moscow” released a rap video that satirizes the brutal regime that has ruled Syria since the early 1960s. In it they ridicule pro-President Bashir Al-Assad slogans. At its conclusion, the video shows a young Syrian man on his knees being brutally beaten by soldiers in Al-Assad’s army. In response to this video the Syrian government has cut off access to Internet sites such as Facebook and YouTube. They have also imprisoned some of the dissidents. There is an entire government entity known as the Syrian Electronic Army that was formed exclusively to track down and shut down any anti-government communication.
More recently, there has been a change in the political party system. From 1962 until this year, there had been only one political party, the Baath Party. In July, 2011, the Assad regime signed legislation allowing plural parties.
The Syrian Arabs are mostly Sunni Muslims, although the Alawite sector of Islam is the religion of the ruling class. Syria has a long history of secular governments that accommodate Islamic traditions. Syrian Arabs typically live in villages near fertile lands. Even after moving into more urban areas, they still have held onto their tribal affiliations.

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Pray that the upheaval in Syria will bring about God’s order to the nation. Pray that Syrian Arabs will look to the true God of the Bible and make Him their Lord.

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