Daily Topic for December 12, 2011

Matthew 25:31-32a
When the Son of man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then He will sit on His throne in heavenly glory. And before him shall be gathered all nations…

Jesus is all-powerful, Sovereign, Lord of lords, and King of kings. Any doctrine to the contrary, including that of Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabis, attempts to strip Jesus of his regality. It is therefore false. In view of Jesus’ Kingship, all people are to accept Him not only as their Savior, but also as the Lord of Lords and King of Kings!

Pray that Saudi Arabs will hear, understand, and accept that their true King is Jesus, and by turning to Him, they can inherit the kingdom that God has prepared for His children.

Sunni Muslim Saudi Arabs

by PD

Saudi Prince Al-Saud was making a strong appeal to some of the Council of Ministers in his father’s Kingdom. “The lesson to be learned from the recent upheavals in the Middle East is that Arab governments can no longer afford to take their populations for granted, or to assume that they will remain … subdued. Nor can the soothing instruments of yesteryear which were meant to appease serve any longer as substitutes for meaningful reform. For any reform to be effective, it has to be the result of meaningful interaction and dialogue among the different components of a society, most particularly between the rulers and the ruled. It also has to encompass the younger generation which, in this technologically advanced age, has become increasingly intertwined with its counterparts in other parts of the world.”
Saudi Arabs make up the majority of Saudi Arabia’s 25.7 million people. However, almost 35 percent of the inhabitants are from outside of the country. Officially Saudi Arabs follow a strict form of Sunni Islam known as Wahhabism. No faith other than Islam is permitted among Saudi citizens. However, there are nearly a million Christians from foreign countries in the land.

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Pray that God will continue to use Christ followers in amazing ways to reach the Saudi Arabs with His message of Christ’s redemptive power. Pray that with new communication tools, Saudi Arabs will be reached with sound answers about God’s word. Pray that God’s truth will set them free from the bondage of politicalized Islam.

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