Daily Topic for January 28, 2011

Joel 3:14
Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision! For the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision.

Joel’s prophecy foresaw that God would summon the nations to the Valley of Jehoshaphat and there pronounce judgment on the wicked, while declaring refuge for His people. As the prophet looked out over the sea of humanity in the valley, he was vividly aware that the great and terrible Day of Judgment was imminent. This prophecy was a picture of today’s world in which vast multitudes hang in the balance of decision. Will God give each human community the valid opportunity to decide to follow Jesus? Will God offer the refuge of salvation to the nations on whom the He will pronounce judgment so as to save them from it?

Pray that God will raise up messengers from His Church and thrust them out into the harvest fields among each Tama subgroup.

Sungor Assangori Tama People

by TP

The Sungor Assangori people group is one of a number of ethno-linguistic groups that together make up the Tama peoples of Sudan. They live in the same general area as yesterday’s Sinyar people. Although they are not in Weeke’s Muslim Peoples, they are known to the Joshua Project.

The Sungors are shepherds and horticulturalists engaged in dry farming. Their livestock includes camels, cattle, goats, and sheep. They grow millet, okra and onions. There is also some hunting and gatherings. Honey, milk byproducts, beer, basketry, and pottery round out their economy. Some work in towns along the Nile River.

Each of their villages has its own chief who is responsible to a regional administrator who, in turn, answers to a higher government official. Education in the villages is limited. It is offered only to boys and consists solely of Qur’anic studies. Their form of Islam is highly affected by ancient animistic beliefs. There are no known followers of Christ among them, nor is any of the Bible available in their language.
Pray, therefore, that God will send them Bible translators, Christian educators, gospel radio and television and the JESUS Film in their language.

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Pray for God to reveal Christ to them in dreams and visions. Pray that Christ will take captive the spiritual powers that have taken the Sungor Assangori Tama people captive to Satan.

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