Daily Topic for January 29, 2012

Proverbs 17:5
He who mocks the poor shows contempt for their maker; whoever gloats over disaster will not go unpunished.

Though the Sudanese Arabs have some noble traits in their culture, there are some very dark areas that can only be corrected by a move of the Holy Spirit. Many of them were instrumental in killing and enslaving poor Africans who were simply trying to live their lives in peace. In doing so, they were inviting God’s wrath. God is all-compassionate, and He requires His children to be the same. This requires individuals and people groups to rise above human nature and take on God’s nature. In that way God’s Name is glorified.

Pray for the Sudanese Arabs to allow the Holy Spirit to develop compassion for the poor living in their land.

Sudanese Arabs

by TP

As of last year there are now two Sudans, Sudan and South Sudan, and the border between the two is yet to be determined. Sudanese Arabs can now be found in nine countries: Sudan, South Sudan, Eritrea, Egypt, Ethiopia, Libya, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. According to the Joshua Project, “they are a heterogeneous people with a mixture of diverse blood and cultures.”
Most Sudanese Arabs live in rural villages, although a few are urban. Some are semi-nomadic camel herders. Most in Saudi Arabia work in the oil fields. Like most Muslim Arabs, they live by honor codes that affect family and tribal loyalty. They also have codes of hospitality to honor guests. These codes and the laws of the Qur’an regulate their lives.
During the Sudanese civil war, Sudanese Arabs engaged in jihad against the southern Sudanese peoples. They enslaved some and forced conversion of animistic and Christian non-Arabs to Islam. Though the civil war is over, there are still violent tensions regarding who will get the oil in specific regions of what was once a united Sudan.

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Pray for political stability and an end to violent jihad. Pray for an increased availability of Scripture, protection of church planters, the nurture of believers, and divine anointing of long-term workers. Pray that God will make Sudanese Arabs open and responsive to the message of Jesus as Savior and Lord, not just as a Prophet. Pray that Sudanese Arab Muslims in Ethiopia will encounter Jesus through the witness of Christians.

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