Daily Topic for August 04, 2010

Psalm 130:7
O Israel, put your hope in the Lord, for with the Lord is unfailing love and with Him is full redemption.

Notice the contrast between what God’s Word tells the Israelites to do and what the Stod-Bhoti people are doing. The latter group lives in constant fear of evil spirits who hate them and want to do them harm. By contrast the Lord loves His children and redeems them from sin. This is why we are praying for such people groups this month!

Pray that the Stod-Bhoti people will put their hope in the Lord and enjoy His unfailing love and redemption.


by JWS

The Stod-Bhoti people are one of the least-reached Buddhist groups on earth! They live in the cold, remote mountains of Jammu and Kashmir, in northern India, where the air is dry and the soil is stony. According to one source, the region has “an inhospitable terrain with little vegetation … and scanty rainfall. Stone boulders and loose rocks keep falling all over and on small patches of terraced fields which are usually near the river beds.”

The Stod-Bhoti people live in constant fear of evil spirits. They have their own Buddhist monasteries, temples and lamas. As “sacred specialists” Tibetan Buddhist lamas perform exorcisms and other rituals. To protect their families from the evil eye, these people erect tall poles in the courtyards of their homes with cloth tied around it. Also, they prepare amulets for the lamas to ward off the evil eye. Each village has a deity known as Yu-la, who is worshipped and given sacrifices by everyone to ensure protection of their community.

One hundred percent of the Stod-Bhoti people are professing Buddhists, although the influence of Hinduism is slowly infiltrating their villages. There are no known believers in Christ, no Scriptures, JESUS Film, gospel recordings, or Christian broadcasting in their language.

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Pray for missionaries to live among the Stod-Bhoti people, learn their language and produce Christian broadcasts for them. Pray that soon they will have widespread access to gospel recordings.

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