Daily Topic for September 18, 2010

Matthew 5:44-46
Jesus said, “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.… If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that?

The best way to win a Muslim’s trust is to demonstrate and live by the love of Christ. This requires those who reach out to Muslims to walk as Jesus walked, and love as Jesus loved. This is not easy!

Pray for God to develop loving-kindness in His children in Sri Lanka. Pray that the Muslim Moors of Sri Lanka will see, experience and accept the love that God shows them through those who truly follow Christ’s ways.

Sri Lankan Moors

by PD

When the Portuguese took over Sri Lanka in the 1600s, they persecuted the Muslims causing them to move from coastal areas into the mountains. They called them “mouro” meaning Moor. This was the name given to the North African Berbers who once occupied Spain and Portugal. Europeans often called Muslims in their colonies “Moors,” referring to them as people of Arab descent who often married local women. All Muslims were called “Moors,” regardless of their ethnic background.

Today, there are about two million Muslims in Sri Lanka. They are divided into three main groups, each with their own history and traditions: the Arab Sri Lankan Moors (the majority); the Indian Moors and the Malays. Almost all the Muslim Moors came to Sri Lanka to expand their trading and business opportunities. Today, many are successful businessmen. A few Moors work in the areas of education and medicine. Some live by farming, fishing or construction. During the Sri Lankan Civil War, the Tamil Tiger rebels pushed the Moors out of the northern part of the country. Some migrated to other countries, but the majority remained in Sri Lanka. These Muslims are devoted to their Islamic faith and very resistant to Christianity. But are they resistant to Jesus? We won’t know until someone goes and tell them about Him.

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Pray that God will open the way for true followers of Christ to develop lasting friendships with the Moors so they can learn about Him and have a personal relationship with God.

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