Daily Topic for February 25, 2010

Proverbs 20:7
Food gained by fraud tastes sweet to a man, but he ends up with a mouth full of gravel.

The situation for the Soliman Bedouins in Chad is tragic! These nomads exploit children and use other people’s grazing lands. Despite their best efforts to obtain wealth through unfair advantage, they are extremely poor. Certainly God has a better plan for this people who are living with “mouths full of gravel.”

Pray for the Soliman Bedouins to tire of doing things their own ways, and to seek out the ways of the Lord.

Soliman Bedouins

by PD

“The majority of the Arab Soliman Bedouins in Chad live simple lives struggling to have enough food for their families. Some of the clan leaders have money, and they buy children from poor farmers to help graze their animals. The contract for these children is for one to three years or more. Most of them never go home.” Father Bertin was explaining why his Catholic parish and others were working to rescue the herd children.

He continued, “The children are forced to work at night so they will be unnoticed by the Chadians who own the pastureland. The Bedouin herdsmen change the children’s names, forbid them to speak in their native dialect, do not let them converse with people from their own ethnic group, and make them adopt Islam as their religion.”

There are about 22,000 Bedouins in Chad, and most of them live by pasturing their herds. Their illegal use of grazing land has caused major problems between them and some Chadian landowners. Just recently some Bedouins have taken wage-earning jobs, which they consider to be shameful. Lack of education and health care has contributed to their problems. Folk Islam is practiced by the Solimans and they are not receptive to Christians, even though they have contact with some of them.

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Pray that the selling of Chadian children to Arab herdsmen will stop. Pray that God will use Christians in contact with these Bedouins to introduce them to knowing God and His saving message of Jesus.

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