Daily Topic for February 20, 2011

John 10:11
“I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.”

Time and again, Jesus used analogies from farming and herding to explain spiritual concepts to his audience. Those who herd livestock like the Sokoto Fulbe know the difference between a hireling and a good shepherd. Frequently the gospel message is clear to people who live like the people of Jesus’ day. The difficulty is finding Christ-like ambassadors who are willing to put the church on the back of a camel and live with the nomads.

Pray for God to raise up those who are willing to lay down their lives if need be to share His blessings with the Sokoto Fulbe.

Sokoto Fulbe People

by CL

If you have never lived in the same home for more than a few months, you may not be able to imagine what it would be like to be a nomad. By definition, a nomad is someone who does not have a permanent abode, but who migrates according to the seasons, in search of good pastureland.

Such is the life of the Sokoto Fulbe, the largest group of nomads on earth. They live in Niger and Nigeria, depending upon the time of year, and do not consider themselves citizens of either nation. Political lines drawn on maps do not concern them. Survival does.

The Sokoto Fulbe are Muslim and, like other nomadic followers of Islam, think following Jesus does not fit their lifestyle. As one nomad once put it, “When you can put your Church on the back of my camel then I will think that Christianity is meant for us….”

Happily, the church is indeed portable. It happens wherever believers gather in the Name of Christ. Yet there are few believers among the Sokoto Fulbe, no Bible available in their heart language, and no known missions groups sharing the gospel with them.

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Pray for the Lord to stir the hearts of His people, give them a desire to see the Sokoto Fulbe reached, and send them into this waiting harvest field. Ask Him to prepare the Sokotos to hear and respond to the good news that Jesus can go with them as they seek pasturelands. He is the Good Shepherd!

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