Daily Topic for January 27, 2011

Hosea 1:9
Then the Lord said, ‘Name him Lo-Ammi, for you are not My people, and I am not your God.’

Instead of being a light to the nations as God intended, Israel had become a scandalous spectacle. So God told Hosea to marry a prostitute as testimony to Israel’s faithlessness. Hosea’s children were named “Not My People” and “I am not your God” to reflect God’s attitude towards the nation. Even so, Hosea would later look with eyes of faith at the Lord’s future for Israel, when she would again be as strong and faithful as a beacon light for all the nations.

Pray that He will help us to be a light to unreached peoples in our country as well as abroad.

Sinyar Tama People

by TP

As you know by now, there are many conflicts happening in the Darfur Region, and the powerful tend to dominate the weak. Surprisingly, there is one group that allows their women to own the family home, and even to evict her husband if there is a divorce. That is radically different from what you would expect from a Muslim people group where the strong usually dominate the weak.

These are the ways of the Muslim Sinyars, a Tama subgroup. The Sinyars number between 5,000-20,000 persons, and they are not Arabs. Culturally they are Fur, as in Darfur, but they practice Islam. Most of the Sinyar Tamas earn their living by growing grain or raising livestock. Due to scanty rainfall, both herding and agriculture are difficult. Other occupations of the Sinyars include teaching, clerking, maintaining automobiles, or trading. Few are well educated, although Sinyar administrators are often educated in Europe. Those members of the community who are educated abroad know English or French. In Darfur, many Sinyars are trilingual in Sinyar, Fur and Chadian Arabic. Less than one percent would call themselves Christians.

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Pray for outreach to Sinyar people in Europe and Africa. Pray for a Bible translation, the JESUS Film, and radio and television broadcasts in their local language. Pray for a bold, yet sensitive witness by the few local Christ-followers. Pray for spiritual growth in Christ among the peoples in Darfur that will draw Sinyar people to the Savior. Pray that God will take captive those principalities and powers that hold the Sinyars spiritually captive. Pray for a breakthrough in this unreached people group.

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