Daily Topic for June 30, 2010

Philippians 2:10
…that at the Name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

One day all creatures will bow to acknowledge the universal Lordship of Jesus Christ. Scripture teaches that there are two kinds of people who bow to acknowledge Him: those who do so now, in loving submission to His rule in their lives; and those who will do so at Christ’s coming, in fearful and obligatory submission. At this point in time, the Simeulue people are not willing to acknowledge that Jesus is Lord. It is a source of pride to them that there are no fellowships on their island.

Pray that the Simeulue people will bow their hearts to Him during this acceptable day of salvation. Pray that Christ will lead us to do our part in leading others to bow their knees to Him as well.

Simeulue People

by KC

We’re at the end of June, and we’re now praying for the people of Simeulue Island, just off the coast of northern Sumatra’s Aceh Province. This is a good news/bad news island. The good news is that it has abundant resources. The soil on Simeulue is so rich you can grow just about anything that would grow in a tropical climate. The bad news is that the people of Simeulue are poor.

How can this be? One reason is the work ethic. Many people will work, then stop until their money runs out. After the devastating tsunami that destroyed their island along with Sumatra’s Aceh Province, the Simeulue people have become dependent on NGOs for their needs. Why work if you don’t have to? There has been so much corruption and poor planning on the part of government leaders that the Simeulue people trust no one from the outside. They do not trust those who could potentially show them how to use their resources for profit, and thus improve their economy.

On a spiritual level, the Simeulue people are 100 percent Muslim, though they mix in many animistic practices and superstitions. They take pride in the fact that there are no churches on their island.

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Pray for believers to show the Simeulue people how to develop a healthy, productive economy. Pray for the Holy Spirit to touch the Simeulue people in such a way that they will live their lives in a way that honors the Living God.

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