Daily Topic for October 13, 2011

1 Timothy 6:6
But godliness with contentment is great gain.

A materialistic society tends to measure gain exclusively in financial or material terms. Paul here reveals God’s counter-cultural value system. Gain is not measured by material wealth, but by a godly contentment with what we have. Can you imagine what would happen if every committed believer were to covenant with God to be content with necessities and to use extra funds to support new missions outreach? What a fantastic leap in world evangelization would result from such a response!

Pray that God will give us His perspective on things and teach us to be faithful stewards of His gifts.

Sikh Chhimba People

by PD

Looking dignified and handsome, Mokham, a Chhimba Sikh, explained to his buyers why his materials were considered by some to be the most beautiful in India and what he felt was behind his success. “First, my family has always been faithful to the teachings of our faith. I recite these words from our founder, Bhagat Namdev, each day before I start work. ‘Let mercy be the cotton, contentment the thread, continence the knot, and truth the twist. Oh priest! if you have such a thread, do give it to me. It will not wear out, nor get soiled, nor be burnt, nor lost. Says Nanak, ‘Blessed are those who go about wearing such a thread.’ You see we Chhimbas were given a blessing in the knowledge of using dyes and creating beautiful art work on textiles. Today with modern techniques many of us continue to earn a living in the fabric business. Still, the most important thing in life is how we live and put into practice the words of our Sikh Gurus.”
The majority of the estimated 120,000 Chhimba Sikhs live in regions of Punjab. Their people typically try to befriend people of other religious backgrounds, but rigidly uphold their own Sikh beliefs.

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Pray that God will send believers who will be wise in presenting His Word to the Chhimba Sikhs. Pray that the Chhimba Sikhs will find in Jesus mercy, contentment, continence, and the truth which they seek.

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