Daily Topic for September 14, 2010

Psalm 41:1
Blessed is he who hs regard for the weak; the Lord delivers him in times of trouble.

Every now and then you will see something in the news about a Sikh getting in trouble for carrying a sword, or a small replica of one. The reason they do this is because their religion requires them to carry a sword to protect the weak. God has given these people a desire to protect those who would otherwise be taken advantage of. Could it be that these noble people are indeed blessed by God?

Bless the Sikhs in Sri Lanka today by praying that they meet the Risen Savior.

Sikh Bhattra People in Sri Lanka

by JR

We have all known people who seem especially adept at selling and promoting things with the greatest of ease. Linguistically, the terms “bard,” “barter,” and “ballad” all come from the traditional work of the Bhattra people. Their name means “to talk,” “tell stories” or “to be a bard.” Centuries of tradition and hard work have made the Bhattra people some of the most successful business entrepreneurs. They have a long tradition of successful door-to-door sales efforts and public performance work. Currently, there are many Bhattra doctors, salesmen and musicians.

They are known in Sri Lanka as the original followers of Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, a religion that began in the 16th century and is now the fifth largest religion in the world. Commentators have noted that Bhattra Sikhs are very proud of their devotion to traditional Sikhism, and they have more conservative attitudes than other Sikhs.

It is a common practice among Bhattra families to pull their daughters out of school at the age of 16 to prepare them for marriage. Marriages are nearly always arranged in Bhattra Sikh communities. Sikhism emphasizes equality and harmony among people, with a belief in reincarnation as a means of redemption and purification. There is no known evangelistic work being done among the Bhattras in Sri Lanka at this time.

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Pray for a hunger for God to develop among the Bhattra Sikhs. Pray that God’s people will begin making focused efforts to connect with the Bhattra Sikhs.

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