Daily Topic for March 18, 2011

Mark 11:17
My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.

The Temple was intended by God Himself to be a place for all nations to worship the One, True God. Instead, however, it was reserved solely for the Jewish people. This is the one part of the Bible where we see Christ enraged. We need to take a hard look at ourselves as we think of God’s desire to see all nations praying to Him. Some Russians have set up cultural barriers that have kept native Siberian peoples out of their Russian Orthodox Churches.

Pray for those who have been detrimental to the preaching of the gospel to the unreached nations in Siberia. Pray that the Holy Spirit will show them how they need to change their attitude towards the unsaved peoples.

Siberian Partnership

by Siberian Partnership

The fifth partnership conference/forum for reaching the shamanist peoples of Siberia with the gospel was held in Russia. The movement includes national pastors from a variety of church traditions, both indigenous and Russians, and foreign missionaries from many different organizations. Participants came from all across Siberia. The vision of the conference was to promote and establish partnering relationships and unity among different churches with the goal of preaching Christ to every indigenous nation in Siberia that has shamanistic traditions.

The interdenominational aspect of the partnership is a miracle in itself, as cross-church unity in Russia is a rare and precious occurrence. It was a blessing to see the equal co-operation of Russian, foreign, and indigenous workers. The partnership has been foundational in establishing the validity of indigenous forms of worship in Christian churches, including the use of local languages and musical instruments and music styles. Conference topics on complex and controversial issues such as appropriate ways of honoring deceased ancestors, or the redemption of certain cultural norms were safely and purposefully addressed during the forums. These shared insights were invaluable to the conference participants.

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Pray that God would protect the unity that has existed at all of the partnerships so far and that the multi-denominational and multinational presence will remain strong for His glory. Pray that the nations of Siberia still trapped in shamanistic rituals would be liberated by the freedom given by Christ.

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